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Mitt Romney celebrated "Fock the Earth Day" with a major speech about the importance of regulations on fossil fuel production ... that is, the importance of eviscerating them so as to please his fossil foolish contributors.

Holding off on drilling in the Gulf, holding off on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, holding off on drilling in Alaska, trying to impose the federal government into ‘fracking’ regulations with regards to natural gas. Then, of course, all the regulations related to coal, making it harder to mine it, making it harder to use it.”

In an effort to make the GeorgeGrand Oil Party W Bush Administration look to be rabid environmentalists (after all, President Bush did speak about Global Warming and did discuss the need to address America's "oil addiction), Mitt Romney has wrapped himself in the Grand Oil Party's fossil foolish mania.

Yes, the evil Obama Administration -- in Mitt's campaign vitriol -- actually wanted to create a breathing space in offshore drilling in the face of that pesky minor little Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  And, according to Mitt's skewed representation, the Obama Administration has some form of skewed thinking that the Federal Government might have the capacity to create more economically and process effective oversight of the complicated natural gas fracking processes than would be the case with having 10s of states with differing rule sets and inspection regimes.  And, well, how dare the Administration consider things like miner safety and pollution of surrounding areas when it comes to mining or have the arrogance to consider American citizens' health and safety in following Supreme Court guidance for putting in standards for mercury and other emissions from coal facilities.

Mittens -- and the rest of the fossil foolish propaganda machine -- will not engage with some simple realities:

  • Oil and natural gas production has soared during the Obama Administration;
  • There are far more drilling rigs in operation today than ever during the Bush (either GHWB or GWB) Administrations;
  • The Administration has streamlined regulations, making it less expensive and faster to get drilling projects approved;
  • U.S. oil imports are down, along with increased U.S. production, under President Obama; and, in fact,
  • The Obama Administration has opened up significant tracts of land for oil, natural gas, and coal exploitation.

In fact, when examining the Obama Administration record, with any sort of open-minded perspective, it is far from aggressively implementing environmental regulations that will strengthen the economy while strangling fossil foolish industries. In fact, the Administration's "All of the Above" energy strategy provides innumerable paths for further enriching fossil foolish production on the backs of American health and with ever-worsening risks for catastrophic climate chaos.  The inadequacies in the Obama Administration's approach to economic, energy, and environmental issues pall in the face of the Republican Party's unapologetic embrace of a recklessly backward looking embrace of dirty energy and attack on efforts to provide even a patina of protection for Americans via sensible regulatory oversight.

To paraphrase Mitt, a Romney campaign bumper sticker: Frack You, Mother Earth!

With no public events on 22 April 2012, Earth Day, Romey's 23 April F--- the Earth Day event occurred at the research facilities of one of the nation's largest coal producers, Consol Energy,

Consol Energy is a billion-dollar natural gas and coal company based in Pennsylvania notorious for polluting American waterways, streams, and drinking water with toxic runoff from its plants. In 2011 alone, the company paid more than $200 million dollars in fines and settlements due to hundreds of violations of the Clean Water Act.
Consol's money doesn't only go to fines, it also goes to seeking to buy political influence. Consol Energy (via its PAC and its executives' paychecks) has funneled significant resources into Romney's campaign and its 'unassociated' super PAC. Is it any surprise, then, that
Romney gave a speech praising dirty coal power. At the same time, he attacked the landmark safeguards put into place to protect our air, our water, and the health of our families from the toxic pollution created by Consol’s own plants.

In other words, this week, instead of celebrating the planet, Romney pushed for policies that would poison it.

All in all, Romney's 23 April 2012 was very much in the spirit of 'F-- the Earth Day'.

One of the critiques of "Earth Day" is that it is absurd to put aside one day for a patina of caring about humanity's impact on the planetary system's ability to support human civilization.  When it comes to "Fock the Earth Day," there won't be anything to worry about if Mitt Romney is elected as the 21st century's Republican Party's objective is make every day a "Fock the Earth" event.

Related:  Brad Johnson, Romney’s Earth Day Guru: Sarah Palin.  From that:

“Romney’s energy and environmental platform calls for stripping EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and expanding oil-and-gas leasing to include areas that are currently off limits, including the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among other measures,” The Hill’s Ben Geman writes.

Romney denied that global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels at a Consol Energy facility last year. Consol has given $5000 to the Romney campaign and $150,000 to the Romney SuperPAC.

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  •  The choice we have in voting for the top office (6+ / 0-)

    in the land as far as energy policy goes is really a choice between the lesser of two evils but that is because the nation as a whole has a long way to go to admit its fossil foolish ways.  Obama functions in the realm of political reality and tries to be a peacemaker.  If he had a groundswell of populist pressure to correct our course I believe he would do his best to facilitate a green revolution rather than hinder it.  It is up to each of us and collectively all of us to create a new environmental political reality for Obama to operate within.  

    People, like yourself, that work so diligently to bring awareness to environmental/energy/climate issues are the unsung heroes of our time.  Fock the deniers!  

    If we really want to straighten out all this crap we need to really think about shit!

    by John Crapper on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 07:33:51 AM PDT

  •  Romney's lies on every subject ... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    A Siegel

    ... after reading Frank Rich's article Sugar Daddies, is really terrifying because (drawing from Greenwald's film on the Koch Bros) he truly paints a picture of Romney as the puppet of the corporatists who speak through him.

    an excerpt:

    A particularly large wish list is likely to emanate from the Koch brothers, whose privately held business interests are many. Such has been their zeal to protect their gas and oil holdings that they shoveled nearly $25 million into organizations fueling climate-change denial from 2005 to 2008—nearly three times what Exxon­Mobil spent on such spin during that period, in Greenpeace’s accounting. To preserve another profit center, a Koch subsidiary has also backed the recently disbanded Formaldehyde Council, which argued that formaldehyde is “a natural part of our world” rather than “a complete carcinogen,” which is how it is classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. osha, of course, is exactly the kind of federal agency that would lose funding and gain Koch apparatchiks as staff members in a Romney administration.

    Because most sugar daddies are actual people, not corporations, their feelings get hurt when these embarrassing facts are pointed out. The Koch brothers’ lawyer Ted Olson has gone so far as to argue that criticism of his clients by the president and others is akin to the oppression (his word) suffered by the McCarthy era’s innocent victims—who, some may recall, often lost their jobs and sometimes were jailed for their beliefs. In truth, the sugar daddies often have more in common with Joe ­McCarthy himself and bullies like the columnist Walter Winchell who enabled his witch hunts. VanderSloot and the Kochs have a long history of trying to intimidate (often with costly legal actions) the publications or websites that report on them. After Jane Mayer published her 2010 New Yorker examination of the Koch brothers’ often covert role in the tea-party uprising, the Daily Caller, a Washington-based outlet sponsored by Foster Friess and run by Tucker Carlson, assigned a reporter to slime her. (The investigation was spiked once other outlets got wind of it, with even the New York Post rallying to her defense.)

    Its still hard for me to believe that Obama (I know this is still deluded and wishful thinking) has had no choice but to make the decisions he has made (not prosecuting Bush war crimes, not prosecuting Wall Street, not taking a serious stand on sustainable energy development and climate change and the list goes on) because his team has been aware from well before winning the election of the agenda and the enormity of the forces they are up against.

    Im truly starting to believe Obama will not win a second term.  Which means the total end of America as we thought, wanted it be, but one country is small potatoes looking at the bigger picture when you look at the ramifications of this election on a global scale.


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